Tung Yang Rotary Club Project of Seeds of Hope

On Saturday, July 10, 2016, Taoyuan Rotary Club of Tung Yang sent a letter to the Joyce Care Association; an instant reply was received on the following day, Sunday, July 11. This letter activated Tung Yang’s mission and united Tung Yang and Joyce Care Association for Poliomyelitis. From that moment on, we were determined to complete the project of building a “Polio Home”.


In the project of “Polio Home”, there are four major constructions: the nursery center for the elderly who live alone, the shelter for the disabled, Polio memorial hall, and a church. Due to insufficient funds Tung Yang Rotary Club has been planting rice seeds on the scheduled construction site and has been holding charity sales for the rice products to raise funds for the major constructions. Every rice seed represents hope and every harvest strengthens our dream to fulfill our goal.


In 2019, Tung Yang Rotary Club started the project Seeds of Hope in Building a Polio Home, in the hope of speeding up the process of building a “Polio Home” and fulfilling the dreams of owning a home for the disabled.

Introduction for Fund Raising

Building a Nursery Home for the disabled

It only takes one significant event to feel a sense of fulfillment in one’s lifetime. Helping to build a Polio Home has been the most rewarding and meaningful experience for the Tung Yang members. Over the past 3 years, striving towards our goal, we have been through laughter, difficulties, emotional moments and hardships. Joyce Care Association believes we are angels sent by God and Tung Yang members thus stated,” we are determined to complete the mission of building a Polio Home.” The encounter of Tung Yang and Joyce Care Association is not serendipity but fate written in the stars.


At 6:30 am, Saturday, November 10th, 2018, the District Governor ,Allen with his wife, and Assistant Governor, Solar, in area 3502 International Rotary Club, led the Ninth District Rotary Club members of South-East, Chao Yang, Siang Yang and Tung Yang to visit Zhutung Township in Changhua County. We performed a donation and harvest ceremony, experienced reaping rice fields, enjoyed a rice feast and visited the shelter factory. Joyce Care Association treats Rotary members like a family. This community service has gone beyond the relation of providers and receivers. Indeed, we are moving towards our mutual goal of having a partner relationship. 



Time Machine (Joyce Care Association v.s. Tung Yang )

.July 10th 2016 a mail sent to Joyce Care Association by Tung Yang

July 11th 2016 reply by Chairman Chen of Joy Association 

July 28th 2016 introduction of Joyce Care Association by Chairman Chen at Tung Yang Rotary Club, Taoyuan 

August 13th 2016 visit Joyce Care Association 

November 19th 2016 first rice harvest 

April 14th 2017 charter ceremony and photo charity sale; sale donation to Joyce Association 

November 11th 2017 second rice harvest 

November 26th 2017 volunteering in 4th Polio Charity Run by Tung Yang 

November 8th 2018 approval of Rotary Global Scholarship at an amount of US$45,000; build a Joyce Coffee

Class and renovate its office 

November 10th 2018 third rice harvest 

November 19th 2018 documentary filming and activation of the ” Seeds of Hope Project “ by Tung Yang and Joyce Care Association 

December 2nd 2018 volunteering in 5th Polio Charity Run by Tung Yang 

June 14th 2019 official start of Seeds of Hope Project—– building a Polio Home in collaboration with Joyce Care Association.




Building a Polio Home in collaboration defines “love”, which needs to be continuously passed on, and fulfills our seeds of hope. You are cordially invited to participant in helping Joyce Care Association for Poliomyelitis. Although this is a winding path, with Rotary members’ love and kindness along the way, anyone can help us to make the mission possible and meaningful. With one click , your donation will lit up the light of hope and will motivate us to move forward towards the road of successfulness.

Tung Yang Rotary Club Project of Seeds of Hope




Fundraising Target:NT$ 50,000,000

Progress 163,530 NT dollar